Management Services

bizSpain offers a range of management services to help run your business in Spain .
As a consequence of the recent global economic crisis affecting Spain, many companies have had to adjust to the changing circumstances. SMEs, in particular, have suffered a drastic drop in demand for goods and services as well as a reduced access to financing and less favourable credit terms. Our crisis management team can assist you with restructuring and/or cost cutting exercises, working capital and risk management reviews, or legal administration and liquidation of local operations.
If you need an experienced executive for a short period of time, for example, to fill in for somebody who has left suddenly, or for a short term project, we can provide you with an interim manager who can be quickly up to speed with your business.
If your business activities in Spain are relatively small and cannot support the cost of a full time top level manager, we can provide an experienced supervisory manager who can oversee your operations on a part-time basis.
And if you need advice and assistance on how to develop your operations in Spain, we can offer top level business consultants to analyse the situation and help you implement your decisions.

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