bizSpain is a Barcelona based company offering advice and assistance to anyone looking to do business with Spain, specializing particularly in small and medium sized companies and investors who are seeking economically priced hands-on support for their operations.

Our team is made up of professionals with many years experience, both in Spain and in international markets, and can offer a full range of services. Some of the areas of current interest include:

Crisis Management - The global economic crisis has hit Spain particularly badly and is still continuing. This has required companies to adapt to the new situation, including restructuring existing operations, carrying out cost reduction exercises, or even instigating bankruptcy procedures. bizSpain has been helping clients in all of these areas in recent months.

Business Opportunities - The economic downturn does however create many interesting business opportunities, and Spain is an attractive place to invest at the moment. bizSpain can assist you in searching for local partners and obtaining finance, help you to know the local market and lead you through the steps needed to set up and run your operations.

Professional Services - Spain’s unique regulations and business practices have at times been complicated to understand for outsiders, and accurate information and support from locally based advisors who understand your business culture and goals is essential to avoid unnecessary costs, and to ensure the success of your venture.

BREXIT - With British nationals on our team who have been living and working in Barcelona for many years, bizSpain is ideally placed to offer on-site guidance to UK companies wanting to use Spain as a stepping stone in to the European Community and beyond.

The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.

- Peter Drucker

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